The Photoshop game

The Photoshop game is a simple and entertaining way to practice your photo manipulation skills and even learn a few new tricks. The game can be played with as many people as you want, from a small group of friends to an entire aline community. The basics of the game are simple, you take the image that was last posted, change something, and post it back. When you done someone else does the same thing, and so on and so fourth. The game only has a few simple base rules.

  • You must start your modification with the last image posted.
  • You con not cover the entire image without you modification.
  • You may change the entire image, but you must place the entire old one image somewhere in the new one.

From these three core rules new ones can be applied depending on the group or situation. These can include theming the game, be it a movie genera, game series, comic book character, or whatever else you may want. You can set a limit of modifications till you start all over from a fresh, unmodified base image. You can impose rules on when the entire image can be changed, like no more than once every ten modifications, and how it can be changed, like the old image cannot be inside a computer monitor or must be in a picture frame. Adding to many rules can cause some problems, but not having any rules can too, so it's up to the host or group to decide what the guidelines should be.

The Photoshop game is a great way to learn new tricks, talk with the other people and ask them how they did things, more often than not here vie you a quick rundown on how they did it, or point to you an already existing tutorial. Some will even give you step by step directions making the game a great way for a newcomer to learn how to use Photoshop.

Just because you can learn something docent mean it can't be fun. Depending on the group playing, in-jokes can be tossed it along with your typical internet memes. Dueling over certain aspects of the image and trying to one-up each other can cause some entertaining modifications to crop up.

Just because it's called the Photoshop game docent mean it has to be done with Adobe Photoshop. While most people will use the software nothing is toping you from using whatever you want, like the popular open source alternative GIMP. You can even use something as MS Paint or Paintbrush if you'd like.

The most important part of the Photoshop game is participation, so find a group and get playing.